A letter

Dear MENJ,

I trust you to be an intelligent person who truly loves God.

I believe your intentions are good. True, Islam is absurdly misunderstood in this world. Because of a fistful of bad-hats who go around in their suicide bombing crusades, at least half the world's population is gleefully throwing what is fundamentally a holy and peaceful belief to the dungeons.


I wish to point to you that perhaps, not only has the world misunderstood Islam, rather, perhaps, some people, including you, have misunderstood the world.

I see it this way: your kind intentions are not apparent at all. All I see is a lack in your ability to RESPECT people who do not believe in your beliefs, who do not adhere to your manner of thinking. All I see is your lack in tolerance and the refusal to realize that differences in this world are real and we will just have to live with them, whether we like them or not is irrelevant. The way I see it, you are no different from the National Vanguard. You are a radical fundamentalist, and you evoke fear and cause sane men to shake their heads in horror.

To end my little letter, MENJ, I have to say this. I think you're doing more harm than good to Islam.

With best wishes for a wonderful Raya,

DeepaRaya? Sacriligeous!
100 Christian Proofs of Islamic Falsehood

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43 thoughts on “A letter

  1. the other kenny

    It is true that alot of people misunderstood the religion because of the stupid stuffs some people did under the name of Muslims.

    It’s sad too that they claimed themselves as a true religion believer when they know that what they are doing now are phrobihited by the religion but to them it is their tactic to make others hates muslims, to create racisms towards muslims so that more muslims would join their fight with anger towards the others.

    This is sad. But do not fear because its only a small number of them. There are still alot of muslims that know their wrong doing and doesn’t support their act. Just don’t give them a reason to join those extremists by not respecting Islam

    (WWoOAAHhh! something must have hit my head hard to be submitting comment like that!! O_O )

  2. xpyre

    It doesn’t end there…

    MENJ’s said this:

    “It is of course, no secret that one day, perhaps 15 – 20 years from now, I would like to stand for the GE under an Opposition party’s ticket in either Bayan Lepas or Hulu Langat constituency for Parliament. MENJ, Member of Parliament-in-waiting. Bloody hell, I kinda like the sound of that.”

    From here.

    :) I leave you all to draw conclusions hor.

  3. helen

    Well said.

    True there are alot of misconception bout Islam and it is not limited to non-Muslims. MENJ is not interested in the pursuit of truth, he merely pursues to find HIS truth. If he wants to preach the goodness of Islam, please go ahead by all means… Why is there need to put down other religion to justify it?

    Just ignore this angry man. He’s not worth it.

  4. Alex

    how’s deeparaya different from the kongsi raya? i think the gov loved the kongsiraya idea. i felt disgusted the way he blogged about the passing of Endon. And that 100 christian proofs of islamic falsehood was totally unnecessary. well like wat Edrei said, these ‘overzealous zealots’ just don’t have a sane mind. and he can’t accept constructive criticisms.

  5. Mei

    I wonder what MENJ will say if he were to discover that my very Chinese boss is converting to Islam.


    There are heaps of zealots, misguided fanatics who think they know better – even more than God him/herself. I reckon it’s best for me to leave them to answer to God. That would be a sight for sore eyes man.

  6. lishun

    you know that cantonese saying? save your breath to warm your stomach? your energy is better off spent doing more productive things than trying to open the minds of those who are adamant about their narrow thoughts.

  7. Aizuddin Danian

    If Menj does achieve his ambition of being a part of the legislature one day, he wont be the first radical-in-his-youth to have done so. May i remind you that Dr M wrote the “Malay Dilemma” in his youth — a book that in his time was every much as radical as what young Menj talks about now. Look where Dr M ended up.

    I’m not making excuses for the fella, but i think we should acknowledge there is a lot of intelligence there. He is able to critically dissect arguments very sharply. It takes a bright mind to do that. And a brave one to know that what he’s writing is hugely unpopular but still go ahead with it.

    For the time being, let’s call his over-exuberance just what it is — a phase. I trust time will temper all fine metals; we can judge him now, but to say that he’ll stay the same person 20 years from now could be a bit pre-mature. I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt (though not my vote of confidence, not yet) for now.

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  9. Jeremy C

    The theme of his blog, “Waging Jihad By Speaking My Mind”, says it all. Clearly promoting peace and harmony is not part of his agenda.

    Perhaps it would be better if he did not speak at all…

  10. w00ties

    menj is a hypocrite, pure and simple. he denounces christianity and anything thats not islamic, yet he claims to idolise lindsay lohan and other various western elements, which many radical factions (which he apparently likes to emulate) say are unislamic. heh. funniest shit ever. no offense menj, but if i ever do bump into you in the street, and i have a baseball bat with me, id like to introduce it to your face.

    you’re THAT ugly.

  11. Wan Zafran

    I agree with Aizuddin Danian. Menj’s writings are honest, although they may be extremely brutal, and they do have a fair amount of intelligence in them.

    I think it’s good when someone chooses to present a different view of the world. At least, we won’t get banausic opinions shoved down our throat, again and again. Menj is firm and adamant when it comes to the things that matter the most to him – his personal policies. Some of them are really good and quite constructive, so I’m expecting to see good things from him.

    Although, it would be nice if Menj toned down a bit, and be not-as-hasty in unleashing _some_ of his thoughts. I’d be happy to wait. It’d be interesting to see how he turns out in a couple of years though.

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  13. T-Boy

    I don’t agree with Wan Zafran and Aizuddin. MENJ may have some degree of intelligence in him, but it doesn’t necessarily show on his arguments or his entries.

    He’s a pretty sloppy arguer, pretty quick in using ad hominem arguments, which, I feel anyway, debase the whole debate into a slanging match.

    What he has that most clever young Malay men don’t (myself included) is persistence and will. Heaven knows you don’t need to be smart to succeed in this country.

  14. Chewxy

    Menj’s writings are honest. I agree. It’s honesty when you agree with what you say. It’s honesty when your point of view is bigotted towards his. It’s honest when you have similar views with him.

    Truth is rarely universal. Why? He thinks the Jews and the Zionists are teh ebil! The Jews and Zionists think he’s teh ebil! Who is right? It depends on whose side you take.

    Shuddup about God. Replace God with the Great Turtle in the Sky, or replace it with The Invisible Pink Unicorn. See things in a different light.

    Meh. Waste of my time, Menj is. But someone has to monitor him.

  15. Sashi

    I echo T-Boy’s words. I know the lad is intelligent (having spoken to briefly at that blogger meetup), but I believe intelligence walks hand-in-hand with an open mind – otherwise you’re just being delusional.

    The problem for me is not that MENJ is honest or radical, or what-not.

    It’s his lack of respect and his habit of insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with him that is grating.

    Relax, Elfie – life’s too short to be pissed off at everyone all the time…

  16. T-Boy

    Chewxy: No we don’t. No one needs to monitor him.

    The challenge of Free Speech is not listening to what people who agree with you say, but to hold a brave face and grin while some bastard screws you from the behind metaphorically with his ideas.

    Of course, what people forget is that it goes both ways. I have my strap-on too, you know. It has spikes, and I hate using lube.

  17. ShaolinTiger

    No one is saying Menj is stupid, it comes down to the same old thing though, it’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it.

    He could have voiced his exact same opinions without being so offensive and aggressive, it just makes people defensive.

  18. Anonymous

    I think this guy is one of the reason that why Islam is soooo… misunderstood. No respect to others, selfish, arrogance, and irresponsible.

    I won’t say this guy is smart, but he has a very dangerous radical thinking. Not constructive but VERY DESTRUCTIVE thinking. A terror in the making.

    Please try to leave a name, or at least, a moniker other than I-dunno-who-I-am, the next time. It gives your comments more credibility.

  19. SaDdNesZ.jc

    He’s just here to create disharmony. Going so low as to insult someone else’s religion…

    I mean, if you really believe with all your heart that Allah is your god, then, preach about Allah’s goodness.

    What would you achieve in preaching (insulting) another religion’s flaws and misconceptions? And even, those aren’t even flaws. It’s just his own perception on the issue which can be totally taken out of context and misconstrued facts.

  20. lionel

    Ah, T-Boy beat me to it. Critically dissecting arguments is something he’s nortorious for, but is something he often does badly. He is a sloppy arguer and quick in using ad hominem arguments. That bad habit of twisting another’s words and thinking the resulting shadow of an excuse of a counter-argument is genius. Anyone can do that; I did it too on his Deeparaya post, but he seems to have moderated it.

  21. Ice Oaks

    Hmm… I’m wondering about one of his reasons, God does not allow sexual pleasures in Heaven… Actually sexual pleasure when enjoyed by both and done in the right manner should be allowed… I mean different things make people happy n in heaven u’re suppose to enjoy n be happy right?

  22. Shan

    I went to Menj’s site for the first time and I was quite put off by his header – “Waging Jihad By Speaking My Mind”.

    Okay I know he has the right to speak his mind / be entitled to his own opinions etc etc but I’d just like to say that I’m not very impressed at all by that.

    In this day and age, when Islam has taken such a bashing due to the actions of a small group of complete and utter maniacs, I am frankly shocked at an evident lack of cultural sensitivity.

    Guess he’s not a very “Muhhibah” chap. And I guess I’d better shut my Malaysian Indian mouth and remember my place.

    But other than that – hugs to everyone and have a great DEEPARAYA! 😀

  23. Rajinder

    He’s lucky he isn’t in Singapore, or else he’d be rotting in jail. I wonder if he can be arrested for stiring up racial problems in Malaysia…..

  24. ss

    Goossshh… he’s sure lucky he’s not in S’pore. I’m not sure about M’sia will he get into trouble with ISA or watever agency that deals with ppl creating disturbance to harmony of the country. And hmmm… I guess those ppl in those big countries that are hunting for terrorist might think he’s one of them and he’ll be tracked from his head to toe LOL… and also then he should not be consuming or using anything that is not Islamic. Adore Linsay Lohan… abang… that’s a sin oooo… she’s not a muslim girl and she has the body and wear tight tight and not wearing a veil and totally ignorance on what is Islam (I think… ;p) u know. It seemed like he’s slapping his own face. Also cannot come into this blog also, it’s not Islamic.

    Anyway hoh… apalar dengan “Raya”, check the dictionary. Can’t we MERAYAKAN PERAYAAN? Pengsan… then we should replace the word RAYA with some other word.

    But then again he has his own view and so are we. Who knows u’ll see him in the newspapers one day that the world is hunting for him mistakenly because they thought he’s a terrorist. So may your God bless you MENJ. We’re waiting to see u in the most wanted man list LOL…

  25. Alex

    SS, its only considered creating racial discord or disharmony if a Chinese or an Indian question the Malays or Muslims or the NEP…not the other way around.

    Having said that, as someone who has had more than my share of experiences with blatant racial discrimination, this post is refreshing.

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  27. name withheld

    MENJ’s post shows that radical muslims are hypocrite and selfish who wants a rewards from god(s) such as heaven and 72 virgins for following god(s) order(at the expense of others).

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