Daily Archives: Friday, 5 May 2006

Fitting in

Quite ironically, the very first lesson title which I was assigned to write when I was with my previous agency was 'Fitting In'. So anyway, it's my fourth day here, and I've just started to fit into this new place.

This place takes a LOT of getting used to, I must say.

But anyway, I've been distracted somehow. One thing about my office is–although it's huge and comfortable and all, it's rather far away from the pantry, hot water supply is so far away. I can't get my coffee as often as I want to, which is quite appalling because I must admit first of all, that coffee is my favourite beverage to start the day. I'm looking to picking up a personal coffee maker one of these days, and maybe some good Illy coffee (Eric's going to think I'm such a lavish spender). All the same, it's terribly annoying to have to walk to the other side of the building, pass the visitor's lounge and my boss's room just to get some hot water to fill my mug.

There's also this other thing about working in a company where the bosses KNOW that you blog. Not only do I have to exercise caution at all times these days (not that previously I was very reckless), I also have to maintain a straight face and try to brush off the topic of the 'Internet' all the time everytime they talk about how Claire is so very Internet-savvy. The opposite, of course, is the fact, but well, since the glass has been sold, having it broken won't change its status I guess.

Anyway, it's true. For the past four days, the one repeating line that keeps ringing up in my mind is, 'What on earth have I got myself into?'

In the meantime, I heard Elaine is officially single again, which is apt, since she is May's darling babe. More reason for the blokes to rejoice, of course.