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This Parent’s Day, it’s a Pixart celebration.

Almost an advertorial, but honestly, not quite.

Several months back I did a review of the very novel Photo Book concept by Pixart. This time around, the guys at Pixart have graciously offered to give readers at minishorts.net a special waiver off their delivery charges.

If you can't remember, this is what an ultra cool page from a Pixart photo book turns out looking like:

awesome, very professional.

I find it very professional, and far more convenient than having to rely on Photoshop and a cColour printer to do the printing. Plus the cover is professionally produced, and comes with a complimentary stand, allowing you to use the photobook as a table-top decoration.


The cost to print a Pixart photobook varies, depending on the type of product you intend to buy, between RM69 to RM89, and additional pages should you require damn cost up to RM10 per page. Which is all right, I think, considering the quality of the printing, and material, and the end product you get (which is mightily satisfying, as many other bloggers would agree).


What could be a bitch with regards to the cost of buying the book, is that Pixart also requires you to pay the shipping costs. It's only RM6 (if you're in West Malaysia), and of course, consumers being consumers, they'll always find a way to complain, and if you're like me, my initial grouch was, 'Wah lao eh, I pay almost 90 bucks adi they still wanna charge me RM6 for shipping? What is this lah, can't they absorb the costs into the product itself?'

So anyway, this time around, the guys at Pixart have graciously offered to give readers at minishorts.net a special waiver off their delivery charges. Which means, the following prices will be waived, if you tell the folks at Pixart that you learnt about Pixart from minishorts.

RM 6 Peninsular Malaysia (anywhere)
RM 9 Sabah & Sarawak

This is what the folks at Pixart have promised:

Free Shipping is available for all Malaysian customers (Pen Mal & East Mal) from now until 31st May 2006 – Just for being introduced via www.minishorts.net

To redeem free shipping – it just takes 2 simple steps

Step 1: Customers will need to select “Self Collect” option at the country selection when entering “Customer Details” in the Purchase Section of Pixart's PhotoStylist software. This means “Zero” charges for shipping.

Step 2:
In the “Customer Remarks, Suggestions & Feedback” box – type in the word "minishorts”. You will be indentified as being introduced via Minishorts.net and will receive FREE shipping for your photo book order.

Here's Pixart again, if you didn't know where to go to start off with:
Pixart Rawks


Now mother's day is next week, Father's day is in June, and there's PLENTY of birthday celebrations coming up yeah? So I'm telling you, if you're going to budget over a hundred bucks to get something that he/she's probably already guessed you'd buy/make, why don't you make it EXTRA special, and get your loved ones photobooks from Pixart? It's special, its way under the normal budget of at least RM100 for the special person in your life, and it's definitely going to last a lifetime.

You may ALSO click on the animated gif on the side bar to get to Pixart, and remember, you need to mention that you came from minishorts to enjoy the free shipping.