Daily Archives: Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Oh, The New JoB

Code-talk cue from Shaolin Tiger, who is admittedly, occasionally 'silly-ly' annoying, but colourful nonetheless.


I'm not sure if I'm easing into my new portfolio at this office. But I must say, the job is quite fattening. There's a lot of FOOD. At most major meetings we have nescafe susu and mihun goreng, and then there's the platefuls of kuih-muih and karipap (OMG the currypuffs at last Friday's meetings were great).

And then when there's hotel-based meetings, you have the usual tea-breaks, and buffet lunches. Oh yes, hotel sandwiches are to die for, and I still wonder why I can't stop popping them while I'm at it.

Plus the meals I have to eat at future lunch appointments. Neh. It's a very fat-contributing job.


Today I met a new colleague from another branch who says that she reads my blog regularly. If you're reading this, hi-hi! And shush, you know my 'policies'… share no knowledge.

It's embarassing enough that my boss reads my blog, the more annoying thing is I keep bumping into new people who recognize me and ask me, 'Is your Christian name, by any chance, Claire?'

I cannot lie and say no. So yes, yes, yes. I'm Claire. Urm. I've been trying very very hard to stay out of the limelight since like forever, but macam ni la, it seems that even turning into a hermit isn't going to change that situation-hoh? NOT EVEN AN ULTRA PERSONAL BLOG where I get to rant freely about the dirty habits of the idiotic people who've I'd had the uttermost misfortune to have met in meatspace, has relieved the tension. Well, it's done a bit, a bit. But.

OMG OMG OMG and then I recall, during this other meeting last week where we were discussing the public website, my boss had to go and mention that I own a blog, right in front of a conference table where 10 people were seated! OMG. Didn't know where to hide, then. So boss, if you're reading this, you know lah what I hope you'll be kind enough to do. Like, can we keep this place, hush-hush please.

You know, right now, I'm really, really, glad that the majority of Malaysians aren't Internet savvy at all.