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A call to wipe out Christianity, ‘In The Name of Allah?’

This post is dedicated to the editors and administrators of Bismika Allahuma, translated as 'In the Name of Allah'. With regards to THIS POST.

I don't see how you can proclaim to respect the People of the Book, and other Christians alike, when it is obvious from this single sentence on the front page of a blog you openly claim to be 'scholarly' and administered by you, that you and your kind have first on your list of things to do, an objective to wipe out Christianity.

THERE IS NOTHING PEACEFUL ABOUT A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO MAKE OPEN THEIR INTENTIONS AND THEIR HOPE IS FOR A WORLD WITHOUT CHRISTIANITY ANOTHER RELIGION. Even if Islam takes over Christianity as the largest religion in the world, it doesn't mean that Christianity will be wiped out.

Do you not understand the peace on earth is not about wiping out another person's beliefs and to unify everything under ONE single religion?

Good Lord, I cannot believe some people. And to hide under the umbrella of one religion, and to claim God as their own. Even worser, being so fervent that they can very frighteningly, imply that a whole lot of believers who believe in the same God, have that same ideal too.

I see now, my fellow blogger MENJ, whom I remember, when he sent me a copy of his book, BUDDHISM: A MUSLIM PRIMER for that review so long ago, signing off his name, as 'your Muslim friend, MENJ, ' suggesting that he came in peace, and that this was someone far more gentle and kind than the rude and caustic words he can be capable of spewing whenever someone REMOTELY suggests that he's overtly BIGOTED.

Tell me MENJ, how do you expect me to believe you and your message that you come in peace, when you so openly say on the first page of your blog, this:

A vision of the future

What the future could be, a vision of the world without Christianity. How you as a Muslim can help us.

No one is misquoting you, my 'I come in peace' friend, because the article that you've put just below those lines are anything, but 'peaceful'. I quote the first paragraph of the fake document:

Latest reports quote that after years of being in operation, the scholarly Malaysian website, Bismika Allahuma, located at www.bismikaallahuma.org and managed by a Malaysian, have succeeded in their task of exposing Christianity and destroying it.

If this is your version of a vision for the ultimate victory of your website, well then, all the things that they say about your being a religious bigot and terrorist HAVE TO BE TRUE.

And don't come to me with anything like, 'That site is not for non-Muslims to read, and it is none of your business,' or 'That is my own opinion and I can damn well write anything I want.'

Don't throw that kind of 'scholarly' rebuttal to me, because, and the scary thing is that THAT SITE OF YOURS is being read by MANY, MANY Malaysians alike, and if it is meant for Muslims, all the worse. What kind of propoganda are you PUTTING into the mind of your fellow believers?


I HATE TO HAVE TO REMIND YOU SO OPENLY HERE IN MINISHORTS.NET but, excuse me, one of the reasons I love Malaysia, and why I love my friends so much is the fact that I can embrace ANY RELIGION I want, go to Church on Sundays, and know that during Christmas, my Muslim friends will wish me Merry Christmas, with genuine affection. I know that during Wesak, I can happily drive my mother to the nearby temple, and even though I myself face questions from Christian friends alike for my choices in life, I know I can still hold myself up with my own personal beliefs.

YES. I know there are CONTRADICTING LINES in both our religions that CAN cause us to be religious enemies all the way. But I have never, ever, in my ENTIRE LIFE, heard a Christian talk about wiping out Islam, the way you so openly declare that the destruction of Christianity is what you look forward to. If you have suffered any persecution from Christians, well I am sorry for their behaviour.

But it is not in human nature, to return violence, with violence. The tendency to return hate with hate is something that we should all TRY very hard to stay far away from.

Victory is not sought by wiping out, or destroying a stronger nemesis. That is an archaic misconception that remains archaic for obvious reasons. We have not progressed this far in life to enjoy the considerable peace that we have now just to see it being ridiculed and corrupted by the likes of you, who loudly profess to be 'scholars' in Islamic writing and comparative religion. If your version of comparative religion serves no purpose except of that to 'expose' and 'destroy' the tenets of another religion, well I have to burst your bubble here then.

Comparative religion is not about comparing several religions with each other in order to outprove one another. Comparative religion exists so that we can learn about each other's differences and define ways to co-exist in harmony DESPITE the obvious fundamentals within EACH religion that insists that ONE is more superior than the other. It exists because it is necessary to learn how to RESPECT each other, so that this world, bequeathed unto us by Almighty God, will persevere in spite of our differences in geography, idealogy and skin colour.

And so, MENJ (and people who actually agree with his bigot-like opinions), let me tell you one thing: that as long as there are Christians in this world, the religion will not be destroyed. EVEN ONE CHRISTIAN, confirms the existence of this belief system. As long as there are Buddhists, Buddhism will not be depleted. As long as there are Hindus, Hinduism will thrive. And I know this, as long as there are Muslims like you, the bruised image of Islam will never be restored to its former glory.

Unless of course,you choose to take out the peoples of this world with beliefs contrary to yours, by means of violent force, and then perhaps, you can see that vision printed of yours, come real.

And it is SHAMEFUL to put your bigoted opinions under the name of BISMIKA ALLAHUMA, which means, 'In your name, Allah.'

If THAT POST is indicative of what YOU plan to do in Allah's name, God knows what kind of disgusting things you can be further capable of. Yes of course, I understand it is your intention to use the site to counter anti-Islamic websites, but substituting that noble mission in order to uphold your beliefs, with an anti-other religion website is certainly NOT something that you should do in any God's name.

Now, readers, if you are a Muslim reading this, tell me, do you think you'd like to help a fellow Muslim like the ones in support of Bismika Allahuma to 'expose Christianity and destroy it'?

Not to stand by me blindly, please.

Close friends would agree that I am not the kind of person who lavishes heaps of praises that would boost one's ego. When friends fall too too far down a pit of trash, and if a bucket of cold water is what it takes to make that fallen friend float up again, I would pour the water in. Ten buckets, if that's what it takes.

I belong to that group of people who will not appreciate empty promises, flowery sweet talk and other types of words or actions, said just to make someone feel good. Making you feel good is not my idea of being a friend. You need to know I GENUINELY CARE.

I think it is ALSO because I'm not able to provide time and money to be with troubled mates all the time. So when I see you, and if my opinions are fresh, I'll speak my mind, yes. And if I think you're wrong, you'll get it. I expect the same of my friends, and fortunately, they're almost all like me. When I fell, April was there to shout at me, and sometimes, her words were harsh, but they were good. Medicine that's good for you aren't ever sweet you know, the bitterest pills are the best ones to cure the ailment. When I flopped, Mei was there to point out to me, 'You shouldn't do this lah.'

And Elaine would go, 'OMG babes, what on earth are you thinking?'

A long time ago, a very close friend who is now too far away for every day meet ups, had to slap me just to stop me from wailing too much about a broken relationship. I had resorted to making up stories just to make myself feel good, but instead of feeling good, I found myself getting more and more entrenched in a sea of wallowing self-pity. That slap hurt like hell, but it woke me up and had a great deal of effect in my later choices for life.

I call myself lucky that I have friends who are good for me. You know, a varsity senior told me that friends are reflective of the character you are. I've been through many sets of cliques since young, and fallen out with friends who later became mere acquaintances, because those empty phrases and blind support never did serve the purpose of helping me brave through life. And because of course, the way one's friends behave and show support will speak volumes for one's character, I take extra care in making sure my friends do not make fools out of themselves.

The ones I'm close to share my darkest secrets, and they are there because they have never been afraid to give me their two sen, and I am grateful for them.

This post is dedicated to Yuh Shan, Rooban, Boon Leong, April, Elaine, Nicholas, Xian Wei, Calvin, Michelle, Theresa, Yet Lin, Edwin, Carmen, Vivien, SPOT!, Edrei, Mabel, Vincent, and finally of course, Eric who has always been the first to reprimand me whenever I make a wrong move.