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Why I’m not about to ‘let it be’

Before I head on, I have to openly remind my readers that I have NO tolerance for religious bigots, and I have demonstrated this principle since the beginning of my site.

I do not care whether you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, if I see something is wrong and dangerous, I will address it. And I have done this before, to Buddhists, to Christians, and just yesterday, I have written an open post to the editors of Bismika Allahuma, 'In your name, Allah', expressing my intolerance of the recent article.

My last rebuttal with a Christian was on the topic of Dooms-Day Evangelists, and in that post I had renounced the need for many missionaries to express that Christianity was a message that was meant to be preached along the themes of life after death.

In the same post I also pointed out that it was absurd for so-called 'practising Buddhists' to release animals by the masses into overpopulated lake, as I discovered at the famous Sungai Besi Mining Pool, where the Palace of the Golden Horses is. If you do not know this, this is what I saw, happening there: a Buddhist sect, legal of course, has been practising the release of animals (fish and tortoises) into the lake. Alas some of the tortoises/turtles are NOT meant to live in that lake, and as it is, the lake has far too many animals in it fighting for food. Instead of being give a new lease of life, I dread to see that these poor creatures are released to die. And this is still happening.

That said, this is the content of the article published in Bismika Allahuma:

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