Daily Archives: Monday, 22 May 2006

Preventing a great divide

Maybe some of you have been waiting for my take on the development of things. Or to see what I'm going to do next, for example, take it to the authorities-ke, make it known to more important circles-ke, so that some kind of justice and action can be taken towards the kind of insult that so many of us have had to endure over the past week.

And then, if you sit and think again, is it really necessary? Because I'm not very keen on bringing in authorities into the picture when all that is warranted, is a public apology, and a commitment on Mohd Elfie's part to tone down on his mission 'to expose and destroy (misrepresentation of) Christianity'.

Which brings me back to the original discourse, and Mohd Elfie's fervent defense that 'Despite this, however, I have never reciprocated with something similar or do anything outright discriminatory to Christians in general who only wish peace and respect for others' faiths.'

You know it's far more macho and dignified to at least own up to the kind of discriminatory remarks you have been dishing out in liberal doses for the benefit of your visitors. You expect us to believe you? Come on, take a look, the Net is literally, an open net and it catches evidence.

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