Daily Archives: Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Back to the world.

Well it was, a good experience, to say the least. And the outcome was quite wonderful, assuming that no one actually went ahead and brought names to the real-world authorities.

Whether or not the blogosphere is a complement to reality does not matter. Like Mei has so aptly put it, this is a case of a fight in a sandbox. Trust in our intelligence and civility to bring up a disagreement in a polite manner, and trust the defence to state his case, after given the time to do so and ponder on it. And when I say 'give it time', I mean, give it time.

Looking back on why going to the authorities was not appropriate. See it's so much easier to run back to a simpler argument you see, 'Don't curb freedom of speech and etc., and etc.,' when the case is so much simpler. I think the issue here is not to bring a criminal to justice, because come on here, MENJ is far from being a terrorist. The only kind of 'terror' he seems to strike is with his choice of words, but it's not like anyone has exploded or died by virtue of the slander that we've all been so enraged over, right?

Was it an apology accepted? I think most of us are satisfied, yes, but we're eagerly awaiting the day for MENJ to catch up with us and realize that the beauty in a peaceful society is best appreciated because of that one fact that differences are allowed to co-exist in harmony. That human beings, regardless of races, colours and creed, will have the sense to keep antagonistic tendencies to ourselves and allow that same love for respect to take its natural course.

It's easy for us to say 'run to the authorities' outloud, because we know that being deviant from the norm is always a left-winger's disopportunity. It leaves us with an 80% chance of winning the case, that's why we're called the majority, you see. And that's just it, knowing that you're right after all should suffice. Do you really need a certificate of approval, stamped and signed by a certain member of higher authority to affirm your convictions? Surely we're more sensible than that. That said, it really is easier to be reckless when the stakes are not so high. In this case, to put it crudely, our 'chances of winning' were more than definite ANYWAY.

So the ultimate effect was a desired one, and it's time to move on. And BECAUSE Walski69 (why haven't I heard of you before?) has been so kind to tag me with a meme, and yeah because I need a little chill out time (don't we all), I'm taking up the challenge.


i am minishorts.
i just want to say thank you to everyone for behaving like civil-minded bloggers would.
i said 'thank you'.
i want to learn how to blog with more neutrality and less profanities. and I'm still learning.
i wish my trolls would stop using my past and slips against me. mistakes aren't meant to be glorious-lah.
i hate people who think they know me just by reading my blog.
i miss not having to work for a living.
i fear God.
i hear that tigers were battling penguins over the weekend.
i wonder what happened to the natural course of things?
i regret so many awful things i've said before in this blog.
i am glad i've said them so that i now have the chance to admit regret.
i sing in the shower when no one is at home.
i cry when people do stupid things in the name of God.
i am not always very just, usually I'm quite irrational
i made three bowls of tiramisu for my boyfriend's birthday, and he said i'm bad at estimating portions.
i write for a living, sometimes. i'm working on an awfully difficult article at this point in time.
i confused salt for sugar once, and drank salty coffee as a result of that.
i need more sleeping time.
i should lose more weight.
i start my days with a prayer for grace at work.
i finish my working days hoping that the weekend comes quickly.

In the muhibah spirit of the blogosphere, I'm going to tag MENJ, ban or no ban on Malaysian IPs. Here you go. And then the other person to be tagged has got to be Shahriman Latif, because I think his blog is ultra cool.