Daily Archives: Thursday, 25 May 2006

Sliding off.

This has been an awfully difficult week. I've got a long overdue focus piece on my desk and I can't seem to find the right words to phrase the issues that require discussion. My home's Internet access has pooped because my phone line's gone dead (and I didn't even realize this until last night) and the people at TM told me that they'd send someone to my house to fix things up.

Now here's the stupid part. You wanna send people over to my house, during office hours, which is within the hours of 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, yeah? Like who's going to be at home to open the door for you to check my line? Not everyone does telecommuting yeah? I wish I had that luxury, but as it is, the salaries for people who opt to work at home just aren't that desirable yet.


You know I received a mail from a friend who's working overseas (he's posted there for about 3 years) talking about the shocking 12% hike. Quoting him, 'If I pay RM100 now, next month onwards I'll have to fork out RM112! That's too much.'

Aiyeh…. see hoh, we seem to have this tendency of exagerating and simplifying things, yeah? It's so much easier to comprehend the 12% hike by calculating it in terms of RM100, RM12 increase, yah? Fact is, when they say that the tariff is increased by 12%, you've got to go back to the kWh units and calculate from there. Which means that a current household bill of RM100 will see an extra RM6.XX added to the bills when the June bill comes. The 12% ought not be counted in terms of RM 1 lah. The increase is substantial yes, but it's NOT THAT substantial to the effect of RM0.12 sen for every RM1 in the bills lah.


Other things:

I've missed the gym for 6 days and I can feel my muscles beginning to turn to flab already. Sigh.

Mum's out of town for five days so I've got the whole house to myself.

I'm very happy that Taylor Hick's has won AI. I like Katherine (she's awfully pretty, yeah?) but I think her voice, although powerful, just isn't as unconventional as Taylor. Taylor's different, and I like that.

Shahriman Latif said that I'm just about one of the most widely read bloggers in the country. I'd like to rectify that. The reputation precedes the reality, and I think the situation is not really 'positive' in that sense, for me.

Then again, I've also got myself a two-year's supply of Evening Primrose Oil, FOC, seeing that my PMS can sometimes overrule my good sense (although it's been quite a while since I did a hormone-related rant). I'll tell you about the sponsorship sometime in another post yeah?


I just popped by to ramble a few incoherent lines just so that I could get back to work with some issues taken off my shoulders.