Daily Archives: Friday, 26 May 2006

And while we’re at it, why not have peaceful demonstrations?

We're talking issues pertaining the tariff hikes in minishorts.net, surprise surprise, even though I've personally taken a vow not to touch on political / terribly important issues such as petrol price increase or inflation rates and economic analysts' feedback, I'm going to talking about political methods by our opposition parties, immediately after the tariff announcement.

I read in the papers today (Sin Chew, to be exact), that some DAP Youth Leader is planning to host a peaceful demonstration in Pantai Remis come June 3rd, and to call upon Dato' Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik to reconsider the hikes, and to retract the ministry's statement. (Link to said article here).

You know the thing about being a part of the Rakyat, and having the right to make decisions and to vote to my choice of government is this: you get to sit in a corner and observe the behavior of politicians and people-representatives, and then after a few years you get to exercise your rights and decide. Now this leaves our leaders in a delicate situation. They've got to behave carefully. More importantly, they've got to make sure they don't come up with silly reactions and projects in their quest to prove to the rakyat that they're worthy of the votes they want.

It is awesomely disturbing to know that left-wingers like to opt for 'peaceful' demonstrations, and 'pickets' and 'memorandums' to the powers-that-be. Surely we don't want to believe that the opposition parties are mere opportunists who're always at the corners of their seats waiting for major national announcements that will allow them the time and place to 'prove their mantle', right? And if their mantle is merely the function to organize pickets and peaceful demonstrations to call upon governments in rule to retract a decision… I'm definitely not going to be convinced that this aspiring MP will be able to perform if he gets voted into office, you know?

I mean to me right now this just seems to be so very typical of opposition leaders. Jumping on the opportunity to make an impression, by saying, 'Hey come let's go and have a peaceful demonstration and give the minister a piece of my mind,' is just so expected, you know what I mean?

It happened for the petrol hikes also, we all recall that, and the demonstrations went on for several Fridays. Ada kesan ke? Every time there's some uproar from a section of the public, it seems that there's definitely some opposition leader there involved in the organizing of yet another peaceful demonstration. And in this case, we all know that everytime the price of something goes up, protests are INEVITABLE. Dah-lah expected it.

As for me, of course the price is unreasonable, but I've got to live with it anyway. To me, every bloody thing in this world is damn expensive lah, lagi best kalau everything is free. If prices were reasonable all the time, you wouldn't see the attraction in Sales and Discounts right? But if you're going to ask me to take my time off to join in a peaceful protest, I'll tell you this, I've got more important things to do, like going to work to ensure that I'll be sufficiently enabled to pay for the increase in living costs.

This 'method' of getting the rakyat's support has GOT to be more creative, and you know, exhibit some kind of difference. What I might appreciate is my MP to come up with some pointers as to how we could ensure that 'reasonable' is a living fact, or measures to recommend to the parties involved in order that the so-called negative backlash from the hikes may be dampened. Something that will make me stand up and be proud to scream out loud, 'Eh yang tu MP saya!'

A news column showing opposition leaders displaying prepared banners and intentions to organize a peaceful protest? Come on.