Daily Archives: Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Pasts, long gone.

I was like this a while back. The evidence is telling.

I Shall Bring Sunny Days

"You're like the sky,"
You told me,
Just days before you broke me.
"Like bright rays of sunlight
Shining through my gloomy days;
Like wet tropical afternoons
That cool down the humid heat;
The sky,
That gets angry and booms
Thunderous crashes after warning lightening flashes;
You're what makes the stars twinkle
In the endless infinite horizons
Of the beautiful velvety night sky."

Just days before you broke me,
You said, so many,
Such wonderful words;
Yes, I believed in them.
Don't you see?
This is why, I cannot,
Cannot believe that you don't love me
Not even that little bit.
If you don't love me
How can you tell me
Such beautiful things about me?
All I know of this world
Is wise men don't tell flowery lies
I believe,
Or want to believe
That you're wise,
And you don't lie.

Which is why
When I remember
How you said,
"You're my sky,"
I know this, this much,
That I must have faith
That really,
You never lied,
I'm really your beautiful sky.
My thunders just chased you away,
So now I have to stop raining
So that my sunny rays
Can welcome you again.

From the old blogspot days, over three years ago. THREE YEARS.

I cannot believe that I've been around for such a long time. But never mind that. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I WROTE THAT. OMG OMG OMG. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Now you see why it is very unhealthy to let yourself be bogged down by the past? But anyway, records are good, just to keep oneself in check. And sheesh, I still cannot believe I wrote that.