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Need your expertise here.

Two things. The first is regarding my *()#$#@!@! handheld that doesn't want to sync properly with my outlook 2003. The other is about *(#)#_)$(&#*()@_#!!! ink stains that won't get off my leather card holder.

Now, if you are a Palm TX user, just wondering, have you had any problems syncing to your handheld's PIM to Outlook 2003, if you're using that? I've got this icky problem. Everytime I sync with my hotsync manager, the only calender items that get sync-ed are my personal scheduled appointments, and they all appear only on my offline Calendar. If I want to get my appointments sync-ed with my shared Calendar (the one that's on the company server), I have to get into VersaMail, and then click sync.

How come its so strange? Should I get KeySuite from Chapura? Oh, I've also tried setting the Custom field in my hotsync manager to 'Synchronize all files', but everytime I complete a synchronization process (either Hotsync or versamail sync), it jumped back to Do Nothing under Outlook Calendar.

And the other thing, I keep getting duplicate entries appearing on both shared and offline calendars everytime I do a synchronization process. Its so annoying having to delete these things one by one!

OK. I hope someone actually understands what I'm facing here.

The other thing is the ugly ink stain that has found its way to my leather card holder. My card holder is light beige and the ink is dark blue, and I SO NEED to get it off. Any home remedies, please?

Thank you so much.

Distractions (and well positioned zits)

I pop zits in public restrooms by Rectangles

To start off today's post there's this quick very personal rant about this humongous zit that has found its way to the very centre of my nose bridge. It's been there for a week! A DAMNED WEEK! and it's knn not showing any signs of subsiding… not even with my daily dabbing of Dalacin on the accursed spot.

And Eric's mom told me about not touching the thing while Eric's said that I should wait for it to dry off and pop off…

Cincia beh-tong, can?

Oh goodie, I can still crap in localized Hokkien.


Oh I'm also considering about how my boyfriend who seldom pops into my blog to read (he does, but about once a week the most and we mention things in passing) suddenly brings up his observation that I'm rolling off the clean-and-polite scale again. So this was what happened over dinner's conversation yesterday:

Eric: Eh you seem to be going beeleebala on your blog again leh…
Eric: I give you stress or work give you stress?
Me: Aiyah work also stress, it's piling up dear, piling up! But you also gimme stress.
Eric: Heh?
Me: Aiyah everything also stress lah.
Eric: But I don't give you stress!
Me: Got a bit lah. Here and there.
Eric: Like where?
Me: Here here, there there. You know?
Eric: Geh, if you can't point it out. That means I'm not.
Me: Eh got. Just that I'm too nice to tell you exactly where. *wink*
Eric: OK you talk kok again. What lah…
Me: I know, sien. I don't like to talk about stressful things. Can we talk about other things? Like the trip? That one is destressing

We don't talk about the blogosphere and my involvement in it (i.e. my rants, the only publicly accessible side of me) because like all rants, my rants are usually juvenile and not-worth pondering over. Or pulling hairs over. If the purpose of is to be a deposit box for pent up frustrations gathered from various sources over various times during the day/week, then a deposit box it shall be.

You open this box, you dump your worries in, and then you forget about it, maybe come back a week later and go ha-hee-ha over the stupid things you say when you get angry, for no apparent reason. And that's just about it.

Also sometimes I also marvel and the strange outburst of 'regality' and 'intelligence' found in some of the posts, and it's like, 'Eh? Where did that thing come out from?'

And its ha-hee-ha all over again. Heehee.

I think it's very very important to be able to laugh at yourself. It makes you a better and nicer person to deal with in real life.

Eric thinks i'm crapping you on that. He doesn't find me a very easy girlfriend at all, because I am, quote-unquote, very good at crapping him hehe. Well, I think it works both ways. And we make a great partnership that way.

I think the new developments in both our careers are doing good things to our relationship. PLEASE BE HAPPY FOR US AND PRAY THAT WE WILL CONTINUE TO MARCH FORWARD WITH GOD'S GRACE ON OURSIDE, AND OTHER WONDERFUL THINGS TO BLESS US.

And don't insult. It's bad karma to insult a stranger.


On the other hand, here's a note: writing speeches in between running projects can be quite taxing. Headache, can?

I'm working on it. Promise.

Pardon me, I’m not used to being polite.

I read with great (dis)interest the recent hoohah about that survey that placed KL-lites as the third rudest people in the world.

Well, a lot has been said to affirm the survey results, and I must say the uproar from people who do not take too lightly towards criticism was both expected, and disappointing. Yes, we have too many social ills, the dirty streets and the longkang tersumbat and the huge fat rats that we all see scurrying along many a hawker centre in central Klang Valley. I know you know that we're all not proud of these faults.

Now to add on to this list of miscomings, we have that new infamous reputation of being a rude city. So xiaxue that pink-loving chick from across the crossway was right after all, and that year-ago uproar on the blogosphere from her less than polite remarks about my beloved city have finally been proven right by a survey made by a reputable magazine.

But really, I thought some people would learn from experiences, or at least, feign some kind of social intelligence. After all, yes you're famous, yes you're well-known, and yes, you're probably very privileged. But OMG, stupidity never sounded so incredulously stuck up until now.

Click for context.

Or snippets, for those who loath to read crass.

Come to think of it I think porn might very well be the answer to why some countries are rude, and some aren't! That's it, it's how liberated the country is! If it isn't, then the citizens are sexually frustrated, and will thus throw their tantrums around.

This will cause them to get even more sexually frustrated since no one wants to have sex with grumpy people, and yadda yadda, vicious cycle!

I mean, think about it… Why are Malaysians some countries' citizens so rude? Because it is a conservative country, and girls aren't supposed to wear little clothes.

Another gem.

Now compare another Asian city, Bangkok. Bangkok is full of sleazy sex places, and it's citizens are very polite, bowing and smiling to you all the time. It doesn't matter if they are mumbling curse words at tourists behind those smiles, the fact is that they at least bother to pretend to be polite – and it's the effort that counts!

I think sexual liberation is the key to the rudeness of a country's citizens. I know, because I bought a Playboy magazine for my guy friends (USD$8.99, dammit!), and they all appeared significantly happier.

It's a little bit amazing how this kind of rationalization actually came about huh? I'm still wondering which school churned out this kind of thinking. It's quite simply incredible and impressively bimbotic. BTW, I'm not insulting anyone per se, because this is someone who professes to bloom to fame via a consistent display of proud, in-your-face, bimbotic outbursts, so this is not a counter-attack because I'm upset by her language or observations.

Put it this way, think about it… Why is Xiaxue some country's citizen so rude? Because she is a small person, because of this that brain is of course slightly smaller so it doesn't contain much matter and she IS famous for this fact anyway, and people want to read her for the rude and outrageous things she writes. And obviously it is quite fun to be famous, with endorsements and all that, so maybe, the concept some people live by is like this, 'I'm famous because I'm rude, and because it pays my bills I'm going to make a living out of being stupid and embrace my rudeness openly. Hah!'

Anyway I was just surfing blogs, and I came across that post, and I thought, oh my, thank goodness I haven't even met anyone in KL who would put two-and-two together the way she did. Come to think of it, thank goodness not all Singaporeans sound like her, but I think I see several Singaporeans shaking their heads in efforts to disassociate yourselves from this, urm, conceptualization of how rudeness came about, right?

But of course, what do I know? I'm sexually deprived, hence this not-too-kind consideration of that post. Or so she says lah. But then again, because I myself find that post incredibly rude, the same must be said of the writer. What to do when your bf is half the globe away?

No worries, girl, we all understand your frustrations. The next time we find ourselves insulted by your display of impoliteness, we know why you're so intolerably rude.

It’s YOU, not the firm.

For Context.

Hi. I've got something to say to you, 'Disappointed Local First-Class Graduate', from Kuala Lumpur. You've hit the nail on some spots, but not all. The first was that startling first line about local universities having been blamed for not producing well-rounded students, resulting in unemployable fresh graduates… Another reason that contributes to this problems is maybe that fresh graduates are too choosy in searching for jobs, you say. Well yeah you're right here, in places.

But I completely agree with you, about that biasness bit, and not only that, I've got MORE to add to your wonderful quarter-tabloid-theory there. In fact, you have successfully managed to sum the whole problem up up, in a, well, rather eloquently phrased, but terribly self-serving letter to the editor. I hope you don't mind that I nitpick on the several knots that you've managed to tied yourself in. Like for example, this fantastical paragraph where you've mentioned,

…I was offered a similar post in my host company with the salary of a second-class degree holder.

And then this one as a quick follow-up,

The reason was because my university was not listed as a 'first-tier university' by the company

And your analysed reasons for that possibly dismal SECOND-CLASS DEGREE HOLDER'S salary that you were offered

…some managers have a wrong perception of local private university founded by well-established local firms. … They assume that graduates produced by these universities should only be considered first tier should they work in the field related to the firm that establishes the university.

A while later you also said this,

Paying second-tier salary to highly qualified local graduates who have undergone long internship in similar jobs will indeed give rise to job dissatisfaction…


I'm still nitpicking, but I got tired of pulling out the paragraphs. So I'm going to go ballistics here, and most ppl know I've been very subdued for a long time, so this is a rare moment here, be glad I'm staying up a little later just to write this, yeah?


But first. I just thought I'd share some common observations, and well, you might have heard this before:

Biasness will always occur. It's only natural to be biased. Universities aren't ranked top-tiered for nothing. So well, that watermark on your certificate DID do something to help you get that internship and THAT job you rejected in the first place.

But here's something else you might not have known. Biasness is coupled with something called higher expectations when your degree happens to say 'First Class Honours'. Because that's when people expect you to be a… well, genius of sorts. Not everyone manages to score at least 95% As in every paper during varsity, right? So that, I'm just reminding you. You're very smart to have gotten your first class certification, but when you're certified as EXTRA smart, people tend to expect more.

Oh yeah, someone remind me. What on earth is a 'second-class' salary?

And how the hell did you know the reason for your ex-employers' decision to 'downgrade' your level? Despite your oh-so-great-first class blabla?

I quite like the fact that you summed up the reasons that the managers did not 'live up to your expectations'. You're SOOOOOOOO imaginative, I must say. Probably should have considered seeking a career in mind-reading in your next life. You know, if you believe in reincarnation or that sort of thing. Maybe, you won't have to get disappointed by second-class degree holders' salaries… I heard that mind-reading is a rather niche vocation.


Oh fucks. I got tired of picking on you. You know, for all your perfect English and well-planned words, you're a freaking idiot. I don't know which varsity awarded you the first class honours degree, but obviously you're nowhere near your version of 'socially' impressive. I'm amazed you were even offered a job… because, excuse me, your letter is dripping with arrogance. It's so drenched in narcissistic 'I'M SO GREAT I'M THE BEST EMPLOYEE IN THE WORLD, I'M HIGHLY QUALIFIED' crap, I'm nauseated. And terribly unimpressed. Proof:

I have left my job and am now pursuing my postgraduate degree in a top university overseas, scoring, on average, an A in all of my subjects during my first semester.

Oh, and then, I think its hilariously ironic that you tried to clean up your show-off act with, ' In my humble opinion, local graduates are of the highest quality, and are on par with graduates from other nations, if not better. '

So here it is: I don't think you're humble at all lah. I think you're a bit conceited. OK. Let me correct that.

I think you're VERY conceited. God knows how you even got a job in the first place. Thank god you have that final mite of intelligence to write yourself in as an anonymous 'Disappointed First Class Local Graduate'. Had you put your name down, you would have earned yourself an infamous reputation.


See I'm getting a little tired, and then someone showed me this silly post on Star Blogs, and you know, I pity the poor English-not-so-good guy more than I pity you, despite me shaking my head going, 'How the heck did he graduate anyway?' while I read that thing. At least he's not pathetic you know? At least he's not like you. I mean, he's got a LONG LONG way to go before he reaches the top, but you, my friend, you have a very long way to fall down, and I think the crash on the ground is going to have your guts splattered all over.

You ought to consider yourself fortunate you got my attention. Even if it was a not-so-good one. And you know what, for the worth of that well-written letter to the editor itself? If you ever sit before me to ask me for a job, well I'll tell you no. Right off. Not even your first class honours degree is going to help you impress me.

Because your attitude sucks. And it's showing all over in that hoity-toity little thang you wrote to the editor.

And by the way, just by reading that letter to the editor you wrote? I seriously doubt you deserved your first-class honours. Because you know, sometimes, it's not all about the grades.


I'm at the office today!! Got in earlier just to dig out these two previously related posts for extra reading. Folks, this, and these, are the things that got me annoyed.

No one owes you a job
Knowing our places

Live in the times.

You know, I'm a conservative traditionalist mostly, but I'm also quite modern most of the time. As in, I'm attracted to modern, innovative members of the opposite gender who are able to hold a good conversation.

Of course like most women, we're charmed by the occasional pick up line (if it's creative), and the occasional interesting, never-seen before methods do bring a smile to our lips, even if we're openly attached, there's no harm in flirting, once in a while.

But sometimes, hello, please don't over do it.

Overdoing it is when you meet a girl at an official function, say a few obligatory how are you where do you work what it's like there, exchange cards, AND THEN, run back to your office within half an hour and send an email asking her to go out for lunch with you.

And when she says, 'I'm not free for lunches,' you're not smart enough to take the rejection, and follow up with more.

Double overdoing it is after three obvious hints, you send an sms to her with this simple line, 'DID YOU GET MY EMAIL?'

Urm. I think so. I'm just pretending that I didn't get it because you're very annoying, and hello? I am attached. And even if I were single, I wouldn't be attracted to YOU!

These things take chemistry, you know? And right now. Well, you're lacking in a little something. So well, buzz off.